Transportation facilities, particularly airports, help give off the first impression of cities and can have a huge impact for first-time visitors with its design. These projects are accompanied by multiple collaboration sessions to determine what the goals are for the final product, what we are looking to communicate through our design, and how we can best serve the community’s current and future needs. We enjoy working on these projects because of the personal connections that are formed with these facilities and we feel that these projects help us give back to the communities surrounding them. These facilities are usually the most used within a community, making our job as the designer and project manager that much more impactful.

Because so many of these transportation facilities are operating 24/7/365, we have to be creative with our timing schedule to get the project done in a timely manner, but without interrupting the staff or guests who are utilizing the space. There is also a unique set of requirements and skills needed to successfully lead a transportation facility project that can only be acquired through many years of experience. Through the years, Lindsey Architecture has continued to learn the changing and adapting regulations of the industry, as well as perfected the ability to keep up with trends to design a transportation hub that will serve the members of the surrounding community for years to come.

  • PTI Airport Terminal Vestibules
  • Comair Maintenance Hangar
  • Piedmont Triad International Airport ARFF and Central Communication Station
  • Piedmont Triad International Airport Terminal Modernization & Master Plan
  • Virginia Tech Hangar Aircraft Storage Facility

Additional  Projects

Greenbrier Valley Airport Master Plan Options

Piedmont Triad International Airport Interior Master Plan

Piedmont Triad International Airport Pedestrian Tunnel Renovation

Piedmont Triad International Airport Ticket Counter Ceiling Renovation

"On behalf of the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, I want to take the time to share my sincere appreciation for the efforts, flexibility and hard work for all who were involved in our Terminal Ceiling and Office Renovation Project. This project had a finite budget, tight time frame and work had to occur in a fully functioning airport facility that remained operational 24-7. We are very fortunate to have Lindsey Architecture and HICAPS, Inc. as our Design Firm and General Contractor, respectively. They did a great job working together to ensure our vision of a modern Airport Terminal. I consider this project a success. We truly transformed the appearance of the Main Terminal, added a fire protection system and replaced outdated and inefficient lighting system with LED lights, all the while keeping support staff and travelers safe and to their final destination."

-J. Alex Rosser, P.E., Deputy Executive Director, Piedmont Triad Airport Authority

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