• piedmont triad international airport ceiling redesign

    move Bringing People Together.

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    Bringing People Together.

    Transportation hubs, which move people from one location to another, serve as gateways to our community. We strive to enhance the user’s experience of these spaces and the local community.

  • guilford metro 911

    work Creating Productive Environments.

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    Creating Productive Environments.

    We design places that empower people do work efficiently and in comfort, fit the environment, and are enjoyed by visitors.

  • tryon village shopping center

    live Making Lives Better.

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    Making Lives Better.

    We create places where people can enjoy life. They are comfortable, innovative, and dynamic spaces designed to enhance the lives of those who occupy them.

  • precor industrial headquarters

    make Helping Industry Grow.

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    Helping Industry Grow.

    Designing manufacturing and industrial spaces gives us a special pride because industry is the essence of America and at the heart of who we are.

We are a full-service architectural firm that believes every project is an opportunity to do something special. By creating an environment where ideas thrive and innovation is expected, we are able to partner with our clients to design spaces that achieve far more than simple function. We design places for people to achieve, succeed, and enjoy life.

Lindsey Architecture is an award-winning firm located in Downtown Greensboro, NC that offers architectural, planning, and interior design services throughout the Southeast. We complete our work while holding our core values close and by putting ourselves in our clients' shoes so we can fully understand what the project goals are. To learn more about who we are and why we do what we do, visit our About Us page here.


"I have worked with Lindsey Architecture for over ten years as a Developer/Owner, General Contractor, and as a Design-Build Partner. From an owner's perspective, Lindsey Architecture always delivered a design package for retail and office projects that met or exceeded our expectations for design completeness and schedule. They listened to the needs and always delivered as needed. As a General Contractor and Design-Build Partner, Lindsey Architecture exhibited the same commitment to design schedules and quality. They are very adaptive to develop designs to meet budget goals and objectives of the project. We have worked on multiple retail, office, and industrial/warehouse projects, which highlights their project diversity and versatility. We continue to work with Lindsey Architecture as a very dependable partner."

- Gary Rogers, President, D.H. Giffin Construction Co., LLC

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